2nd user's files not being backed up

I have just bought MyCloud and completed what I thought was a full backup. But when I checked the files backed up it only includes my user files and public user files. It does not include user documents from my wife’s account. Is this normal? I started to do a backup after logging in as my wife but the size of the backup seemed to be the same as when I was logged in. Does this mean it keeps two copies of all the common files? I also cannot get my wife’s account to establish a sync with the device, although I could with mine.

How are you doing the backup?

If using SmartWare did you choose your wifes share from the drop down menu? See example image below. Click, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Are you backing up the same computer to My Cloud, to your wife’s share, if so the answer is yes for the same backups depending on what you chose to be backed up.

I have two computers, desktop and laptop, each with their own backup and my daughter has to backup her laptop herself.


Thanks for the reply cat0w,

I am using Smartware and we are are both using the same laptop, just
different user accounts. I think I did select her share from the drop
down, but not 100% certain. I have had to send the laptop back to Dell to
get the hard disk replaced so hopefully what I have backed up will be ok.
I did a separate copy of all documents from both user accounts to the WD
device before sending the laptop away.