2nd SATA HD not recognized


I just went from WIndows XP to WIn 7 on a Dell 630.  Had no problem installing the new WD drive & Win 7 but having issues getting the computer to recognize the previous drive. The new HD is SATA 0 and the 2 DVD drives are SATA 1 and 2, leaving SATA 3 for the remaining drive. The BIOS does not recognize it - what could be the problem? There are 4 HD bays and 4 sets of SATA cables in the computer.


Maybe your board only supports SATA 1.5Gbps (kind of unlikely since most boards with 4+ connectors are SATA 3Gbps).

Did you try switching some cables and see if it’s a cable problem?

Also the power supply may no longer be enough. Leave only that one hard disk connected and see if it is detected.