2nd Passport Drive not recognised by Smartware on Mac


I’ve had a Passport for about a year. it was easy to install and it’s been working great. Yesterday I purchased another Passport and plugged it in to my Macbook Pro assuming it would be just as easy!

After formatting the drive for Mac, it shows up fine in Finder and I can copy to and from it with no problems however it won;t show up in Smartware. I’ve tried updating the software and the firmware on the Passport but nothing. The original drive is still showing fine.

Short of uninstalling and reinstalling the software in the hope that that’ll fix it, I’m out of ideas and I’m concerned if I do that I might not be able to get original Passport to show. Can anyone help?



Some new drives are not meant to be use with Smartware

what model drive you have?

You have the option to backup with Time Machine which in my opinion is a way better software

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Thanks for the info! I think the model number is WDBBEP0010BBK - 1

I started using Smartware with the first drive and it did what I wanted so I didn’t look at anything else. Just thought it would be easier to have both drives using the same software but it doesnlt matter too much. I’ll check out Time Machine.


This new version does not come with Smartware for Mac

Better use Time Machine