2nd N900 Central... still can't Time Machine my MBPro

My First N900 Central decided to stop recognizing the hard drive after just one day of use.  After formatting and starting over it recognized it for about 4 hours… then lost it again.

I RMA’d that unit… (Still sitting here with my in a box ready to ship out) and my 2nd unit came in on friday (Two days ago)

Now here I am after the 3rd day and I try to setup my TimeMachine Backup… this time I decided to cat5 cable it directly into the unit… hoping the Gigabit would be faster than the wireless for at least the initial backup.

Looks like its going to work says 4 hours to backup… I leave it for about 3 hours…making sure my Macbook doesn’t sleep using a program to disable that.

I just came in the look at it and it’s giving me an error that the Time Machine Volume has changed and possibly there is something gone wrong… don’t remember the exact message now.

Clear out the message and try to run the backup… All I am getting is the attached error below now.

It also won’t let me delete this “SparseBundle” file… but from reading the Apple forums I have found a way to delete all the files within the “Bands” folder in groups… then it let’s me delete the whole file.

I just wanted this thing to backup my MacBook Pro…   this is my second unit… what gives?  Am I doing anything wrong or should I not be using this unit for TimeMachine backups??  

Please help if you have any input…    if I RMA this second unit Western Digital is going think I am up to something… but I just want a backup of my Macbook Pro!  

Not sure how you got it to work to begin with

the my book live I have has a separate partition for TM backups, some sort of trick so TM will find the network drive

The way Apple designed TM does not support other network drives other than their Time Capsule

sure there should be some way around this… Hope someone else replies to your post

I got it to WORK!!!

Ok here’s what I did… while digging around the web looking at other peoples posts regarding time machine… one guy was using a NAS to run his time machine on it… but he mentioned he had error messages if his local drive (The one on the Macbook) had issues… he said to make sure and repair it and repair permissions on it.

Thats what I did!   I repaired the permissions on my MacBook Pro’s drive by going to disk utility…Click on my Hard Drive… and click “Repair Permissions”

It only took a few minutes… and I left my machine on last night and pointed it to the My Net N900 Central again as the time machine backup source… and today… TA DA!!   I have a backup!

I had plugged a USB hard drive into it also last night wanting to make sure I had at least one good backup… and now it is splitting my backup up to both devices…  working perfectly!

Hope this helps someone else…  in a nut shell… repair permissions and even check the local disk for any errors before trying to run Time Machine…   funny thing was that the local USB backup worked ok BEFORE I repaired the permissions… but the network one would not until after.

Yes, I can confirm that Repair Permissions solves the problem of TM on My Net N900 Central. I was able to backup my MB and my wife’s iMac.

So thanks to YourGuide.


The [computerName].sparcebundle for each computer’s TM backup is stored in the Public folder and there is no way of setting a limit/quota on size. Therefore, it appears that TM will just keep adding more and more and never begin to delete anything until the entire available space is used, crowding out storage for things in Shared Photos, Shared Music, etc. Right?

An hour ago I suddenly was no longer able to connect to My Net N900 Central from any computer on the LAN and the internal hard drive has ‘disappeared’ from the the Dashboard Storage page. I am packing and returning it to Amazon for a refund and will look for another, reliable solution.  :-(

  • Tom