2nd Gen Single Bay My Cloud (P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxx-10) Now Supported By OS5

For those users with second gen v2.x (P/N “-10”) single bay/single drive My Cloud devices, if you missed the WD announcement tacked at the top of the page. Wester Digital has announced OS 5 support for second gen v2.x single bay My Cloud units.

To update your device to My Cloud OS 5, your device must be updated to the firmware 2.41.116 first. You can download the firmware from the links below.

My Cloud (P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxx-10)

Then, download the My Cloud OS 5 firmware from the links below and update manually. Be sure to check out the feature differences in My Cloud OS 5 in this knowledge base article and the 3rd party NAS app list in this knowledge base article before upgrading as this is a one-way update and you WILL NOT be able to roll back to the My Cloud OS 3.

My Cloud (P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxx-10)

To learn more on how to upgrade from My Cloud OS 3 to My Cloud OS 5, please visit this knowledge base article .

Here are also some important notes before you proceed with the update:

  • Please backup your content before updating your device to the My Cloud OS 5
  • This is a one-way update. Users will not be able to roll back to My Cloud OS 3 from My Cloud OS 5
  • The device must be on the 2.41.116 firmware to update to My Cloud OS 5
  • After updating to My Cloud OS 5
    • User will need to create a new My Cloud OS 5 mycloud.com account from the web configuration dashboard as the My Cloud OS 3 mycloud.com account will not be compatible
    • The My Cloud OS 3 mobile app will not work with the My Cloud OS 5 firmware (5.00.xx). Please install the new My Cloud OS 5 mobile app
    • The My Cloud OS 3 web app will not work with the My Cloud OS 5 firmware (5.00xx). Please use https://os5.mycloud.com
    • Apps installed in your My Cloud NAS will need to be re-installed after updating to My Cloud OS 5. Certain apps may need to be reconfigured

New subforum for the OS5 single bay My Cloud units:

I would definitely read that forum regarding OS/5 before committing to upgrading.

Pay particular attention to posts related to the MyCloud Mirror and “indexing”.
I seriously question the ability of the MyCloud, which has similar hardware to the Gen 2 MyCloud Mirror to effectively perform the indexing function.

In addition, if you use the phone and web apps today; you really might want to check out the OS5 app functionality document. The new app, which is very glossy, does not have quite the same feature set as the OS/3 app. Transferring files between shares, or copying files within a share have been optimized out of the feature set.

My Cloud OS 5: Feature Differences Between My Cloud OS 3 and My Cloud OS 5 (wd.com)

If one does not need to use WD internet apps (web and phone), then you can disable cloud access, which “turns off” indexing, and makes the unit as a whole more viable.

Even without enabling cloud services, OS/5 does require some internet access to function. . . it is not 100% clear what exactly it is doing with that access - - -and the answers from WD on this topic have been. . . .not clarifying.

Indexing has always been an issue on the lower end My Cloud devices. Shame WD continues this into the OS5. More than a few have had to resort to using SSH to disable various firmware modules to get the My Cloud to run more efficiently or to fix the stupid sleep issue.

There is also complaints now about the lack of the ability to add (unofficial) third party apps in OS5. Like with OS3, WD has decided that OS5 on the gen 2 single bay My Cloud likewise will not support most third party apps. I assume like with OS3 it will take some enterprising folks to figure out how to bypass WD’s limitation and re-enable (unofficially) the ability to install unofficial third party apps to the second gen single bay.

Well, truth be told, with OS5, indexing is now an issue on higher end MyCloud devices, not just the low end ones.

I have an EX2 ultra - - - and I have not considered the indexing performance to be satisfactory. Barely tolerable. For the higher end units. . . indexing was compounded by mandatory transcoding, which completely lobotomized those units. Fortunately, with the latest firmware released yesterday transcoding is now optional in the high end units. . .it only took 4-5 months to admit that change was needed and to implement it.

And yes. . . .the only way I get my units to sleep is to power them down.

That is quite a telling list.
I know in OS/3, running Plex on a mycloud is a bit sketchy. . .but I would have thought it could run most of the other apps.

I thought the 2nd Gen MyCloud and the Mirrors both have 512mb RAM? I thought they were similar in capability? It doesn’t look that way from that list.

Yes, the MyCloud (gen two) and both generation mirrors have 512Mb memory. The difference appears to be in the CPUs (slightly different generations). Here’s a quick summary:

A couple of deal-breakers for me are:

  1. mandatory passwords
  2. 5GB file upload limit
    There are some other things that I can live without in a pinch but the above two I can’t.

What if I upgrade WD-Mycloud gen 2 to Mycloud OS 5 then it got broke.
Could I possibly use old Virgin Disk Image to fix my hdd?

I would really want to upgrade to Mycloud OS 5. However I am afraid if I
cannot roll back and fix it since I am out of warranty now.

WD claims it doesn’t support rolling back to OS3/v2.x firmware. Yet if one searches through the OS5 subforum and this subforum they’ll see people have attempted to downgrade to the OS3/v2.x firmware.

My Cloud OS 5 Personal & Network Attached Storage

For example.

How to revert back to OS3 from OS5 for MyCloud Gen2

WD My Cloud v3.x, v4.x and v2.x Firmware Versions Download Links

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