2nd Gen not visible after Power Cut

After a power cut I can no longer see my 4tb Single Bay Gen 2 My Cloud running 2.31.195 firmware.

I’m having to manually unplug it and reboot it again, and yet my 1st Gen reboots and is visible again.

Issue has only become noticeable after 30 sec power cut this morning. Thankfully only happens maybe once every 12 months.

Hi @gibbylinks,

Since you have already performed a Power Cycle, this might have refreshed the configurations on both ends - My Cloud and Computer.

Once the Power LED is Solid Blue access the Network Section on Windows or Locations in Mac OS to check if the drive is visible and accessible.

And for future you may use a power backup for My Cloud to be sure that you do not face the same issue again.

Thanks Cyber_dragon,

My 1st Gen My Cloud was visible over the network and I could access the files, 2nd Gen couldn’t be seen, my main question here though is why are there no issues with the 1st Gen My Cloud? What’s different? The 2nd Gen even notifies me it’s rebooting, but never reappears.

There are no issues if I reboot from the dashboard.

My laptop was turned off at the time so don’t see that as relevant, and thankfully this doesn’t occur enough to warrant buying a power backup.

Both drives are on the same LAN connected to the same router, in fact they sit side by side.