2nd drive?. . .beginner


I Just received WD Caviar Green HDrive.

I will start using it as a 2nd backup drive.

Are there jumper settings?  If so, what would they be?

I assume, if I desire at some later time to change to primary C:/ drive, no jumper settings required.

I have no connecting cables - power & motherboard…what is recomended to buy? Especially to save a few dollars.

All of these thought are first time experience. 

I appreciate you patience. . .with much appreciation. . .

can you give us the model number  of your drive?

Is the Caviar Green a SATA drive?   SATA does not need a jumper for setting it up a second drive (aka Slave.)  Just plug it in on to the next available “non-RAID” SATA port.   The only jumpers to worry about on the SATA speed setting and the Advanced Format jumper (if using the drive with Windows XP.)  You can find the doucmentation on thr Support site.