2nd back-up: will i lose information I've deleted from my computer since 1st back-up?

Hi-I’m not technically savvy. I’ve backed up my macbook air with two different “my passport for mac.” One back-up is with Time Machine and the other is without Time Machine. I’ve deleted several files, on my computer, since the back-ups. My question is: If I back-up my computer now, will “my passport for mac” also delete the files from the first back-up? In other words, does “my passport” identically copy what is currently on my computer or will it hold onto info from older back-ups too, even though the information (files, pictures, etc.) are no longer on my computer? Any help would be appreciated. Heidi

Hello there,

Time machine should not delete any information from the computer, since it is not a sync software. Backup software normally does not delete any information. Hope this helps.