2nd 1tb caviar black showing bad sectors


 im new to this so sorry if i posted it on wrong place, my problem is my 2nd caviar black is showing bad sectors after raching close to 400 gb space, 1st hardisk showed bad sectors around 2 month after the purchase and same is happeing again after the replaement, currently i am using HD tune to detect the bad sector, already it found around 13 bad sector, before using HD tune i used WD bad sector reparing software and chdisk but WD repare software said unable to repair. i dont get it is it my system to hardisk it self, i have other WD 320 gb hardisk in which i installed my windows it works just fine , why cavaira black is faliing.

below is my system sepcs. can anyone help me with this.

  Manufacturer INTEL_
  Model DG41RQ__
  Total amount of system memory 2.00 GB RAM
  System type 32-bit operating system
  Number of processor cores 2
  64-bit capable Yes
  Total size of hard disk(s) 1230 GB
  Disk partition (C:) 9 GB Free (98 GB Total)
  Disk partition (D:) 5 GB Free (68 GB Total)
  Disk partition (E:) 4 GB Free (64 GB Total)
  Disk partition (F:) 4 GB Free (68 GB Total)
  Disk partition (G:) 56 GB Free (488 GB Total)
  Disk partition (H:) 223 GB Free (443 GB Total)
  Media drive (I:) CD/DVD
  Media drive (K:) CD/DVD
  Display adapter type ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
  Total available graphics memory 1789 MB
        Dedicated graphics memory 1024 MB
        Dedicated system memory 0 MB
        Shared system memory 765 MB
  Display adapter driver version 8.782.0.0
  Primary monitor resolution 1680x1050
  DirectX version DirectX 10
  Network Adapter Realtek RTL8168D/8111D Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)

Just wondering why you need so many partitions? IMO, it is an unhealthy practice.

Two questions… What is the OS? Are you using FAT32?

well the first 4 are from 320 gb intially it was dividied that way, from 1tb there are only 2 one for movies other for games.

i aM uising win7 32bit ultimaTE

You have not mentioned what formatting you use on those partitions. Since you had bad sectors on two drives in a raw, I am suspecting bad SATA cable or port on the motherboard. Change port and use a good quality SATA cable. If possible copy data out of each partition, then delete the partition one at a time and recreate primary partition on the same slot and format to NTFS. This should resolve your issue.