287 hard drive to play through tv not computer

I use a Mac and have formatted hard drive so as i can transfer files onto it. 

It works fine and always connects to my Mac straight away and shows that there are tv shows etc on the hard drive. 

However, when I try to plug into my tv through the usb slot it does not recognise the hard drive. 

Same with the set top box, it will say “usb detected” then when i go into media and try and play the files there is nothing? 

I am really stuck, and its really annoying as I would like to be able to watch tv shows and movies which are on the hard drive through my tv. 



Since the drive is working properly on the computer, make sure that you TV is capable of detecting the file format that you put on the drive.

Did you formatted the drive on HFS+ or FAT32?

Regarding the  Set Top Box, some of then will require an specific configuration for the USB device that you are connecting. Also some of then will format the drive to make it compatible with the unit.