24p still not working?

Hello, I guess the 24p-problem has been discussed to everyone here. Is there any solution available now, or maybe a workaround (without changing the files)? It **bleep**, and the WDEP would be perfect when this would work. Regards, Jac


Unfortunately, at this time WD has not release a new firmware update addressing this issue. I’ll suggest you to visit the ideas lab and post your idea there, to see if in the future WD solves this issue.

I can’t find anything on the internet that indicates the AmLogic 8626H can output at 1080p24.   How can it be added if the chip can’t do it?

Hello RoofingGuy. As a customer I am not so deep in my mediabox as to know about all aspect of the hardware. I heard, that the WDTV-devices did not have the feature too and it was added later, so I expected the newer product is also able to output 24p. If the processor is not able to then, from my point of view, it’s a wrong decision, made by WD. Well, anyway I have to deal with it now. Thanks for the explanation. I am sorry for my bad english, please excuse me, I am from germany. Regards, Mnemonic

Your English is much better than my German.:smiley:

The difference is (or the problem is) that the WDTV G2, the WDTV Live, The WDTV Live Plus and the WDTV Live Hub all use a more advanced chip from Sigma Designs.  The processor in the Elements Play is a different chip altogether, from a different company, AmLogic.  And from what I can see it is a cheap, entry-level chip.

As I say, I can’t find the AmLogic’s chip specs anywhere online… I can’t find any Media Player that was built around one that advertises 1080p24 as an output mode, which leads me to suspect that the chip simply can’t do it.

I don’t know for sure that it can’t… but it seems quite likely that some company would have used the mode in their players if it was available.

Maybe other media players can do good resampling to 25/30/50i/60i? Well, I had another media box from Trekstor which had no problems (but no built-in-harddisc, thats why I wanted a new one). I’ll try to email AmLogic, maybe the can/want to help me. :slight_smile: