23.976/24 playback smooth for 23.976 material on the new WD Hub?

First let me preface this by saying I am an owner of the original WDTV player “A” series. It still works and does a good job except for 1 issue that was never resolved.  When playing 23.976 material (mkvs mostly), 1080p or 720p, there exists a judder evry 41 seconds. 90% of the Bluray HD material is in 23.976 and since my TV handles Cinema modes I would prefer using the 23.976/24 rather than the 60.  Owners of the old WDTV should know all about the 41sec/24F stutter bug.

No gripes in being an early WDTV adoptor. Ready to upgrade the hardware.

I would love to buy the new WD TV Live Hub. Have they fixed this 23.976 41 second judder issue?  If I play a 23.976 bluray mkv on the Hub is it smooth?

My inderstanding is the Hub’s new firmware when selected to 1080p 24 will auto switch between the ubiqitous 23.976 or the more unusual 24F… Is this correct? Using HDMI of course.

I don’t even mind having to set the output on the hub to stay in 1080p 24 mode as that covers most of my material.

Thanks in advance.

Any feedback, obervations or input appreciated.

PS/edit: Playback will be using WD harddrives connected via USB or the hub’s internal drive, so streaming mkv files won’t be a factor.  thanks

If you check on the boards you’ll note that it depends on the combination between container and codec, and is still a random issue. Some users report to never have it, some report to experience playback problems 3 times a day…