22 hours to upload estimate for 120mb to My Book Live from work? 150 bytes/second?

I’m at work on a very fast vlan with a Gigabit card. My home network get 5mb/s up and 20mb/s down (Business Comcast)  which is not bad. the router has a  gigabit to the WD MBL device.

This is the estimate which I’m sure it will do 4 times better… but still.

it says it’s doing 150bytes/s

You can’t trust Microsoft’s estimate for WD 2go transfers AT ALL.

WD 2go uses the WebDAV protocol, and Microsoft does all sorts of squirrelly things with WebDAV.

Open up your Network Performance monitor to get a better idea of what it’s actually doing.

Plus if you are doing it thru the internet, makes no difference if you have gig network at both locations. You also have to take into consideration the speeds at both locations, # of people, usage, QoS maybe… etc etc.

I pulled up an old thread where much of this is discussed: