20EADS 2TB Drive Problems - Not Showing/Hanging After Reboot?


I hope I can explain this in the best way possible because I am going insane here.

I bought a 2TB drive Green, filled it up with about 50GB left after about 6 months usage. Then I rebooted and it took forever to get passed the Windows Loading screen. but I got in. I then looked at my HDD’s and say it sayd “Local Disk” as the volume name. I couldn’t access it anymore or do anything with it. BIOPS see its and when I go into the Drive Management area it sees it but its now says RAW instead of NTFS.

I was great so I used data backup software and it saw all teh files in perfect condition and I bought another Green 2TB and dumped it over. I still have the drive sitting here.

FF to 6 month later to today and I filled up the new drive to about 4GB left, I installed a program which made me reboot so I did normally and bam samething again as before “Local disk” and cant view anything.

I know the data is there like last time but 2 in a row with the same issue? Something is up. Maybe MBR corrupted? Can I fix that to get the drive back?


Plug in either drive

Boot the PC

takes 10x longer to get into windows

Cant view teh drives normally in windows says RAW in Device

Unplug the drive


load windows in 25secs like before

I need help figuring out what is wrong because I have 2 drives I can’t use currently.

My specs are:

Crucial SSD 128M Main drive for OS/programs

EVGA P55 SLI E655 MB / 4GB Ram

i5 750 non o/c


Windows 7 w/update to date patches


Have you tried using the Data life guards diagnostics? 


It took over 5minutes to load each test and the init program.

Here are screenshots:






AAs you can see doesnt say NTFS or show volume info or anything.

Sorry you have to wait until the pictures are approved before we can see them. I’ll let you know when they are visible.

Until they are cleared

smart status are all green checks

and quick test is green check

shows no volume info and clicking on the drive in windows explorer says i/o error after waiting 5-10mins.