2061-701590-a00-ae pcb?

Need replacement logic board and firmware transfer so I can turn my dead 1TB drive into Lazarus long enough to pull my data.   Inadvertently plugged my laptop power adapter into the drive, and over volted the dang thing.

Model: WD10EAVS00D781


WWN: 50014EE1AC720BE6

LBA: 1953525168

DATE: 6-15-2009

Anyone?  Anyone?  Buehler?  Buehler?

They do not sell replacements and they are not interchangable very often. What happened to the board? Check posts by fzabkar he has helped some who have fried theirs. He’s about the only one with a real understanding of thee boards.


I made the usual dullard move, plugged my laptop powersupply into the drive, over volted it.  Realized it right away and disconnected, no smoke or anything, but apparently did some damage as the drive would not come up.  I’ve removed it (it was already out of warranty) from the enclosure and tried the drive on an eSATA docking station, but it doesn’t come up.   

Haven’t removed the logic board from the drive yet to inspect, guess that’s next.  Exposed surface looked ok, didn’t see any indication of damage.

Got a PM in to Fzabkar.

Have been reading further, OEM encryption between the original MyBook eSATA/USB board and the drives logic board, even if you set no password?

Ugh.  An ugly situation getting downright untenable.

Will get some detailed pics of the boards up tomorrow, at work at present.