2018 8TB G-RAID drive and a 2012 MACBOOK PRO

HI all, many thanks for reading . .

I’m looking to get a new GRAID drive https://www.jigsaw24.com/products/g-technology-g-raid-removable-8tb-thunderbolt2-x947aak# but my laptop is a 2012 mackbook pro running OS 10.8.2. I understand the drive above (graid 2018 8tb) was tested with mac OS 10.12 …

I’ve been advised by the drive retailer that it “might” work with my OS 10.8.2 but it can’t be guaranteed as it was tested on 10.12 or higher. hence hoping for a more knowledgeable answer here

QUESTION: what are the chances of this drive working with my mac OS 10.8.2??

I’m not in a position to update my OS as it may mean losing software which i need to hang on to.

Any help much appreciated!

As long as you have Thunderbolt on your MacBook Pro it should function fine. TB2 itself wasn’t added till 10.9. And 3 was added in 10.12. It should be able to backwards down to TB1.

Thank you so much for your time in replying . . when you say it should be able to ‘backwards down’ you mean it just should mount and work on my OS 10.8.2 right?

Not doubting your knowledge but out of interest you actually work for G-Raid right?

Yes it should work Also you can always attach it to USB as well as long as you have USB 3 it will be the same performance.