2010 My Book--lost original software

I have two backup sets that are very important for me to recover but I don’t have access to the original software that came with my 1 TB My Book approx 2010 legacy. s/n [Removed for Security] The backup/recovery application had been installed on a laptop with WINXP.

I have PC with Windows 10. Is there any way I can retrieve the backed up data from the external drive to upload to my PC?

Hi Tom,

I removed the S/N for your security. I also sent you a private message.

Thank you Scott. It’s good to know that your team is watching out for me. This site is one of the better communities I’ve been involved.

WD Staff,

Do you have this software lying around anywhere that you could send me? Would I be able to recover this data using this software on a WIN 2010 box? I have the My Book and can access data that was dropped to it in 2004; however, I can’t open your proprietary zip files. Can you help?


Hi Tom,

As I mentioned in the private message last week, we need to know what drive it is to know what software you are using.

When our files are zipped we use standard zip files that can be opened with most (modern) operating systems and zipping programs.

I’m sorry Great,

*That *email went to my spam and I missed it. I thought the personal email
was the welcome message I received on the forum…my bad!

What you wrote is very encouraging to me. I have the drive. Please tell me
where I need to go to find the information you need. I thought the serial
number that I once provided would tell you all.

The drive is black, shaped like a book and the letter WD are engraved on
both sides. It also has 5109C on the bottom white label. I could send you a
photo. Would that help? Should I access the drive from my computer all I
see are the files and folders that are on it. Any suggestions that you
could give me would be deeply appreciated. :slight_smile: Feel free to call me.


Tom Biesiada

If only we could tell them apart by how the drives looked :smile:

On that white label barcode there is a Model/Part number (usually preceded by P/N). It would look something like “WDBACG0010HCH” (that is just an example). That will give us the same information if you can’t pull it from the warranty checker based on your serial number. The Part Number/Model Number can be safely posted here.

Here it is. See attached and enlarge.

Let me know if you need more. :slight_smile:

WD10000H1U-00 is the number you needed. I removed the screen because it has your serial in it.

That is a My Book Essential…I think that version came with WD SmartWare as it’s backup application, but let me verify this with our support team.

OK - So I had support look up the model number, and it looks like this drive was a “bare” drive that pre-dated SmartWare by a year or so and did not come with any (full-version) backup software at all. It did have a 30-day free trial of Memeo’s backup software - is that what you used to create the backup with?

I’m not sure what app I used. It was probably whatever CD came with the box
. Can I tell through the drive, file extension ??? I’m at your service on
my end.

That’s what I’m trying to say… the CD had no backup software on it (besides the aforementioned trial software). It’s possible you used the demo of WD Anywhere Backup or Windows itself to create the backup or that you just did a copy/paste of the data.

When you navigate to the drive in explorer what do you see?

Some files I dropped on the book drive and some I set up backup to do it’s

Here are the backup sets I am most anxious to get access. These are full
backups of a laptop that I used to have. These two sets will contain the
data I’m needing to obtain.

Is it possible to recover deleted backup sets on this drive? I know, first
things first. :slight_smile:

Can you help me?



I asked one of our support agents if they recognized the format, and he said he thinks those come from the backup engine built into Windows 7.

As I recall you mentioning you are running Windows 10 now, I found this article online that seems to have the steps needed… please note that I am not providing this link on behalf of WD and am not endorsing it’s content or the website that hosts it. Please make sure to back up the backup files before restoring in case these instructions are wrong or otherwise mess up your data (since we can’t guarantee the accuracy of third party sites)

Cool. I’ll look into it. your tier 2 support person was very
helpful. I’m deeply grateful that you are willing to provide such expert
service to a customer holding legacy hardware without even charging me a
service fee!. You give the meaning of “customer support” back to its
literal definition…caring about the customer. Thank you.

I’ll let you know how your suggestion pans out.