2008 Server and WD HD

I keep all my video’s and movies on a 2008 Server on a 12 Terabyte share and the HD WD sometimes does not see and or looses it as an available share.? It does not see it at all sometimes when I reboot the WD. It see’s all the other machines in the house but, the 2008 server. Is there something that is different with 2008?

Is there a way to staticly map the WD to always see or default to that share.?  I want to make it kid friendly for my daughter to allways get to her content.

I have sometimes the same issue, but with an 2003 server.

Could not figure out yet the problem yet :-/

But I did not see any setting that could make the WD having a fixed IP.

When it happens, I reboot the WD and it works again. And I connect via LAN cable, not wifi. If you use wifi, try cable to see if this changes something.



Yea mine is hard wired. Video over wireless is a ■■■■ shoot if anyone else is usuing  the wireless also.

Mine does not see the 2008 server even on reboot. Not sure what cause it to refresh. Not sure how to get the wd to refresh its discover / arp table.

I did a little research…

On your 2008 server, do you share the entire drives or selected folders?

It seems many people do have issues with W2008 and W7 network shares and some identified a problem if an entire drives is shared. Sharing a folder solved it.

Check this:

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