20% upgrade voucher not received

Hi everyone, to cut a long story short, my upgrade from OS3 to OS5, did not go to plan (as so many others did). So after almost a year of trying to get a fix from support, we exchanged around 50 incident updates, which failed to resolve anything. Eventually my product (mycloud gen2 2 TB) was placed on the not compatible list back in September/October last year, and an announcement made that a 20% discount voucher would be issued in January when support ended. OK, can’t do anything about it until then but I’m a patient guy so waited it out.
It’s now the 25th Jan and no voucher has arrived, so I checked the support section to find all vouchers were issued on 15th Jan.
Anyone else expecting an upgrade voucher that didn’t get one?
It’s besides the point anyway as the instructions I have read give me only one upgrade option, which of course is now out of stock!
Is this bye bye WD……Hello another NAS cloud solution?
Advice welcome.

Hi @Andy_Starns,

Our concern team has shared the code to your email id. Code will apply a 20% discount towards the purchase of a qualified replacement product under this program. To use this coupon simply go to https://shop.westerndigital.com/en-gb/c/nas-and-cloud-storage.WDC.WD and select a qualified product and capacity from the list below.
My Cloud Home 8TB
My Book 12TB

Once you have selected a product add it to the cart and then Check out.

Note: You will be prompted to log into your store account, if you do not have one, you can create one or continue as a guest. During the checkout process, you will have the opportunity to enter your code from above and then complete your transaction. The coupon will be applied during the final checkout.