2 x WDTV SMP Problem?


I got me a second WDTV SMP for use with our 2nd TV. Connected, new USERname (the two WDs have own usernames) , all fine.

But using both WDTV at the same time I get the message on one of them (the one that will be startet latest) that there is no media library available.

**COULD** there be a problem that the database cannot be accessed by two WDTVs at the same time?

I am Using “My Medialibrary” as a source for accessing the files.

I switched autoscan form “only in standby” to “Once in a month”

Any ideas? 



Ah thanks, great, I will report my isue there. Still not solved!

And for sure will try your sollution!

Hi Tony,

I am sorry I do not get it! Could you give me a hand!

I do not understand what you exactly did!

PLease help!


Frank, what I did no longer works.  

AAAh no not exactly I got it sortet out:

What I did is:

I want to share My Documents. In this folder there are own pictures, own videos, own music

I created a network share in networkdrive\owndocument\A for wdtv1 and the same owndocuments\B for wdtv2. TO be more precise I created to subfolders directly under own documents

For “A” I gave write/read permisson to WDTV1 and cleared WDTV2 (not even read allowance)

For “B” the same otherwise round.

Then I fired up the WDTV1 and went to setup system an cleared old database entries and set up a new one “Network Share Database” and pointed it to “A” (B wasnt even showing because WDTV1 has no access to it)

The same was done with WDTV2 setting it to “B”

Then I turned on WDTV1 and let it scan through my library and afterwards set it to “My Library” as a source.

What it did was scanning the library and then copying the database to A. It did that on its own!

Shutting down WDTV1 and doing the same with WDTV2 did the same with B.

Now I got two separate databases, two separate lock files and a perfectly working WDTV twoset.

The databases are stored in two different folders a and b and are working like a charm.

As the lockfiles have the macs in their ending the do not conflict with each other.

The only hting I had to do (perhaps by mistake) was to physically point the library manually to the 2 different directories.

If you wish to make screens you are welcome.

My set works perfectly! Honestly, I will report if something changes!

EDIT: What is surprising me a little bit is that though they have the same files to scan, they are not the same size! On is slightly bigger than the other!