2 weeks old

I recently purchased a WD My Book World Edition to help transfer data while changing computers. I managed to transfer my music & photo’s to the drive successfully. Before i could transfer this important & precious data to my new computer - the drive just stopped responding. A continuous flashing white light on the front (every second). The drive shows up in Finder - but my mac cannot connect. I phone the tech help 2 weeks ago & was asked to go through a number of steps (resetting drive, resetting router) which id already tried myself. None of this helped. The technician told me to find a company that provided Data Recovery & to see if they could help access the drive. 

2 weeks on & the computer shop which tried to recover the data have contacted me to tell me that they had no luck accessing the drive (and wouldn’t charge me for the service). I contacted WD again yesterday & was told that there wasnt  anything that could be done. They gave me the number for “Specialist Data Recovery” Companies in the UK and said i should try them. I rang the numbers given & was told the data would be recoverable - but the price would be around £400 to £700!!!

THIS DRIVE WAS 2 WEEKS OLD!!! And im supposed to just kiss goodbye to photos of my wedding, my 2 childrens birthdays & places i have visited & will likely never have the chance to visit again. I cant afford the price of the data recovery. WD said they could not/would not do anything to help. Their only offering is to replace the drive - at present i NEVER want to see another WD product in my life. 

I may just be another customer. Another “little guy” - but i will make it my point to use any means necessary (word of mouth, social networking, message boards) to tell as many people as i can to AVOID WD products at all costs. It may not impact the huge profit margins of such a big business. But it will make me feel a lot better.

All my precious family moments. “Lost, Like tears in the rain”.

Thank you WD.

See my experience and check whether shop tried xfs http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-World-Edition/recover-data-from-mbwe/td-p/148346

Cheers - thats more advice & help than ive received from the makers of the actual drive!!! I’ll let you know if it works when i get my drive back on monday. 


Hello  feebo, I have escalated your situation, please check your private message for further information.


  • Increase rapidly

    • the price of tickets escalated
    • the escalating cost of health care
  • Become or cause to become more intense or serious

    • the disturbance escalated into a full-scale riot
    • we do not want to escalate the war

My problem was passed on to the “escalation” team 3 WEEKS. 

not exactly my idea of escalation.