2 WD Mybook on the same mac


I own a Macbook pro Retina with a Mybook Studio Edition II 2To that I use in Raid 1 (1To then). I decided to buy a new WD Mybook Thundebolt Duo 4 To to take advantage of the TB port on my mac.

Here is my plan : I’d like to exchange the hard drives of the mybook systems : place the 2 2To drives of the TB in the Studio Edition, and the 2 1To of the Studio Edition in the TB.

I would then use 2 To (Raid0) TB drive for my documents ( I work with video and music recording, so I need speed), and use the 4 To (Raid0) Studio Edition to Time Machine my mac and the TB drive (don’t need speed for this of course so USB 2.0 is ok).

I have then several questions :

1/ Is this procedure even possible?

2/ Do I need to reinstall WD drive Manager for the new TB drive? or one WD drive manager is enough for the 2 drives?

3/ Do i need to format my 2 old 1To drives before installing them into the new TB slots?

Hope this is quite clear, thanks for your answers ! :slight_smile:


Both enclosure will just reformat the drives because it is not the original drives. I dont recommend this set up. Also just update your drive manager.