2 WD external drives

I have a WD 2TB drive purchased in 2009.

I bought a new WD 4TB drive today and installed the WD drive utilities.

They recognize only the new drive and will access only it.

I went to my husband’s computer who has three WD drive attached to it.

A 2 TB from april 2011, a 3TB from july 2012m and a 2TB from june 2014.

I installed the utilities and it recognizes only the 2TB from june 2014.

I ran the knowledge base fix using diskmgmt.msc looking for a drive that is listed as offline.

But all three are listed as online.

This happens on both my cpu with 2 WD drives and on my husband’s with 3 WD drives.

How can I run the diagnostics on the extra WD drives?

Welcome to the Community.

WD Drive Utilities only works with newer Western Digital hard drives (2013 onwards). 2009-2012 units can use WD SmartWare instead for diagnostic purposes.

But diagnostic purposes is what I was trying to do.

How do I do it on the older drives?

Use WD SmartWare instead of WD Drive Utilities. WD SmartWare has a dedicated “Drive Settings” section for older drives. This section includes a diagnostic feature.