2 Terabyte is now 34Gig

I bought an HP Laptop. It said to plug in a flash drive to create a recovery backup.
I didit…HOWEVER the software also found my WD 2 Terabyte MyBook, and put the backup program on it as well…wiping out everything I had stored.
When looking at the properties of the External HD, it says the volume is 34 Gigs.
I tried the long format, and but it still shows as 34 Gig instead of 2 Terabyte.
Am I dead yet? Or can this be restored??

did you delete and format the partition table as well ?

i use 3rd party software and always choose Wipe/Delete Partition 1st and then, Format it with a File System eg. NTFS etc

No, I did not.
I will try that this morning.