2 TB MyBook Essential lost most recent files after power outage

After an unscheduled shutdown my WD MyBook Essential 2 TB drive running on Mac 10.5.8 started up fine but had lost the last 6 days worth of work.  I’m stumped.

Files can be recovered with a data recovery software

must likely not showing due to corruption

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The lost files were probably in a cache folder as I lost 6 days worth of material.  Not sure when Disk Utlity writes to the Raid drives.  I have copied all the files that were still on the drive to a separate disk and Disk Utlity is now rebuilding the RAID slice.  I have Data Rescue 3 and will run that after the 2 day rebuild is finished.  Would love to figure out where those 6 days worth of files went.

Praise the lord for RAID :smileyvery-happy: