2 TB My passport ultra giving overheating warning and shutting off

the WD 2 tb Harddisk when connected to PC , works fine for utmost 5 mins and gives me a warning that it is getting overheated ,so safely eject or it will shutdown in few minutes. Right after this in few seconds the device stops to work and causing immediate stoppage to any transfers or playback I’m doing doing directly from the HDD.
Tried many things ::

  1. Disabled the shutoff settings on the USB menu - inside the Power settings ( which u find inside the control panel settings ).-doesnt help
  2. Changed a New cable to try if thats the issue . Nope it doesnt help either.
  3. tried different ports-> 2.0 , 3.0 – the issues is the same on all . Also tried it on a different PC, doesnt help either.

look at the image i have attached which shows the warning Im getting on the bottom right .
PS : the device has’nt behaved unusally(physically) at all , no noise of any sort , not hot(not even warm ) like it is saying on the warning

6 months it worked like a charm , now suddenly this morning it gives me such a shocker , pls help asap to resolve this :slight_smile:

When you get the WD Discovery Warning about ‘Overheating’ does the 2TB My Passport actually feel really warm or hot ?

If not, maybe there’s a bug in the WD Discovery Software that’s giving false overheating warnings and the hard drive temperature is fine. (install 3rd Party Software to compare the temperature reports)

I have several 2TB, 3TB or 4TB Passports, Passport Ultras and have never had any overheating problems …(or reports of it overheating) … but, i don’t have WD Discovery installed on my PC’s (3rd Party Software reports temperature within normal limits)