2 tb My Passport on Mac AND PC

I just bought a new 2TB My Passport. It is formatted with NTFS which is what I want because FAT32 is not recommended for such large drives. However on my Mac I can only read the drive. It won’t let me write. What do I do? I work on my Mac at home and PC at work and need to take the drive back and forth!

Hello Sam,

Unfortunately you won’t be able to write the drive for both WIN and MAC if the partition is set to FAT32, you will need to use either MacFUSE or NTFS-3G.

Macs can read NTFS but not write to it; Macs can read and write to FAT32 so that’s a better choice if you want to use your drive with both Mac and PC.

Only other choices involve third-party solutions – there is software to enable Windows to read/write HFS+ (Apple’s preferred file system), and there is software that enable Macs to read/write NTFS. No experience using them myself, but you can find them easily enough by just Googling…

See if this helps http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-Portable-Drives/unwritable-drive/td-p/435872 see psot 6