2 TB My Book works on Windows 7 but cannot reformat to work on Windows XP?

I bought this external hard drive used and it was formatted for MAC. I couldn’t detect it on my computer to reformat so I used my dads. His operating system is windows 7. He used the WD website with instructions on how to reformat. It was wonderful. His computer now recognizes it and can use it with no problems.

I brought it back to my computer. My operating system is windows XP. I can only view the drive through disk management. The drive has a blue bar, not black. It does not have a drive letter (even though my dad chose T when he reformatted it). It also does not show the file system (NTFS) that he chose during reformatting. When I right click on the blue bar, all options except HELP are gray and unselectable. I cannot delete. I cannot reformat. I don’t know what to do. 

The drive shows as Basic. Healthy (GPT Protective Partition).

Please help!


If you have the 32bits Windows XP you will need be able to use GPT drives.

Check this link for more info.


To use this drive in your Windows XP computer I recommend you format it as MBR and not GPT