2 TB My Book Essential

I ran Windows XP Diskpart’s CLEAN ALL command on the 2 TB My Book this weekend.  It is supposed to write zero’s into every sector,

Anyways, just as an FYI, it took about 32 hours to complete.  Not sure why it took so long.  Even a full format takes less time. 

Hi here, to write zeros is way deeper than a full format, I would not be surprised it would take longer…

A full format includes a scan for bad sectors.  I would have thought that a surface scan would be a read, a write, and then a read and a compare of the two reads for every sector on the disk.  My understanding is that Diskpart CLEAN ALL would just be a write of every sector.

So why is the latter much deeper than the former?  I guess I don’t understand.

USB 2.0 transfer rates are usually around 20MB/s.

Your zero-fill transfer rate works out to about 17MB/s.


pleas help i have my book 3.0 2T i tried it on my ps3 fat 80 gig it doesn’t work could anyone tell me what is the problem and sorry for my bad english ?