2 Tb HDD => 0,99Tb free space + 839 Gb bad block

My config:

  1. XP 64 bit (fully updated)

  2. MB ASUS P5Q SE2 (SATA controller is a Intel ICH10) BIOS and SATA controller drivers updated to last available

  3. CPU Intel Q94000 + 2Gb RAM

  4. 1 HDD WD green power 1Tb

adding 2 HDD 2Tb greep power WD20EARX and initializing disk MBR or GPT, partitioning with one 2Tb primary can see this:

quick format => no problem 2Tb free space

slow format => 0,99 Tb free space + 839 Gb used space (bad block)

with lifeguard diagnostics utility:

all SMART params are green and pass all the test but one, the “zero write” work only in quick version the full version cause a windows low memory error and the diagnostic program close or crash (I can’t verify).

This on both WD20EARX HDDs.

Any idea ?


Please run the Western Digital DLG extended test and let us know the results.

I’ve already perfom all tests with WD tool (see above).

BTW now I’ve tried the extended test both on partitioned disk (quick format):


and not-initialized disk, and the result is ok:


I’ve perfomed another test with the same HDD on a newer PC (with windows 7) and after the slow format see 100% free space and no bad blocks. So the HDD seems ok, and the problem could be:

  1. the drivers of ICH10 chipset for XP 64

  2. XP 64

  3. a bad interaction beetwen these drivers and the HDD firmware

Any idea ?