2 sets of Livewire.- how to make them all work?


I have had one set of wd live wire and it worked really fine. so i went ahead and got one more set for my living room tv.

I am not able to make it work.  below is the picture of what i have now. Can some one help me connect the 2nd set of live wire so i can access files / media from my PC / NAS. wd livewire.png

Just plug it in! You dont need the B2 unit.

I did. it still doesnt work. i have kept the B2 unit idle. a1+a2 OR b1+b2 run fine when either of them is plugged in. A1+a2andB1 = does not work

Did you set your A1/A2 as a PRIVATE network?  If so, you’ll need to follow the instructions in the manual as to how to add B1 to that private net.

No , I havent set it as private network at all.

Yes, it was set as private. I found that when i looked into the LIVEWIRE utility.

Thanks for the support guys.