2 questions - Files that I rename aren't updating on WD TV Live

My first question is that when i rename some video files the names aren’t updating on the WD TV Live. These files are already on the wd tv hard drive and they are also mp4 files. If I turn off the media library that this problem goes away and the files names are what they are suppose to be.

My second question is that I was wondering if there was anyway that I could get different folders to be viewed differently. For example I’d like to have my movies folder viewed with the large thumbnails and then have my sports folder viewed with just the short writing of the files. I’ve looked around to see if this was possilble just so I didn’t have to switch each time I went to a different folder.

Thanks in advance!

If you make changes to the USB drive via the network, you will need to make sure the WDTV re-compiles the media library.  Easiest way to do that is to EJECT / unplug / replug the drive.

#2> No, there’s no way to specify different views for different folders.

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Something that helps with most of the issues you can encounter is to reset the unit pressing the reset button it has for a few seconds.

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