2 Problems with my 4TB MyCloud

Hi guys

I’m hoping you guys can help as I have 3 problems with my WD Device. I’ve had my cloud for a few years now and theres certain things that I feel (although I could be corrected) that isn’t right.

Heres the facts:

Firmware V04.05.00-327
MyCloud 4TB
Port Forwarding is Established

Problem #1: Cannot cast or stream any video files via the WD App (android) if I am on my HOME wifi always says invalid location, However Mobile network streams fine. PC access is totally normal and can access everything - But just the APP which is a pain as I cannot cast. However if I reinstall the APP it works for a week or so without problems but then does it again. Any tips to solve?

Problem #2: Auto update (backup) does NOT work with time/date I always check the logs and have to manually click on the update button to back up the date.

I hope you WD gurus can help :slight_smile:

@s88hon You have posted in the My Cloud Home sub-forum. You may want to post this in the My Cloud sub-forum.

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