2 Problems: 1. No Subtitles 2. No Sound

Hello together

I’m an owner of WD Elements Play (newest firmware - 1TB).

  1. In one case there is the problem, that the player says that their ist “no subtitle” availabe. The subtiles are .SRT and have the same name. It’s working fine with another episodes. movie is mkv.

Why isn’t the WDEP recognizing the subs?

Muxing with mkvtoolnix is not a solution because everytime I mux a mkv the WDEP recognizes the size but has no video or audio output.

  1. In another movie, there is a video but no sound. I’v read of problems with the audio source. Is there a way to change this? Either i do not understand mkvtoolnix or it isn’T just working.

Please help me. :wink:


When you’re using MKVMerge higher than Version 4.0, you must remember to DISABLE HEADER COMPRESSION in the audio and video tracks.

The WDEP doesn’t like header compression.

Sometimes it happens to me also, .SRT is not showing (not even on a PC) while everything seems ok.

I found a workaround (still have no clue why): open the .SRT  with Subtitle Workshop and save it again as .SRT.

Sounds stupid but it works for me.