2 own 3 wd hard disks, 2 of them are dead, help

I have two WD Books, and one WD HD. All of them SATA II.  One of the books and the other HD are dead, they can not be recognized by Windows nor by BIOS. what can i do to make them visible and make a backup of my data on NEW SAMSUNG HDs, that showed reliable.

I am starting to loose my trust in WD, how is it possible two disks to dies in only few days and the others are fine.

Can anyone help… i have same issue…

I havea 500G WD My Book… (actually three of them.)  It isa couple of years old.  I got them on sale one day at Best Buy for $49 and thought some day I will use them.  I just opened the last one in November and started loading stuff on it. Pics, backups, music.  Today I plugged it into a brand new laptop and now NONE of my computers can see it.

The blue light on the front is going in circles, the disk is spinning.  There is no chunking or clicking noises (have had them die on me before.)

I tried to upload the firmware but it does not see the drive.

Have changed the USB cable three times.

Have changed the DC cable too. 

Does anyone have any other ideas?  My new laptop is the new samsung… (red one)  running windows 7…

I don’t know much, but if anyone has any ideas, it would be great!