2 of everything

HI there,

For some reason the Video:folders page on the tv for the hub is showing 2 folders for each folder. In that there is a folder called Avatar twice.

When looking at the HUB from my laptop (network connection) however, it shows only one folder as expected.

Any thoughts?




Try resetting the live hub, otherwise you will need to contact WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

I get this if I choose “All local storage” (or what it’s called). Have to choose the other option for it to work.

Thanks for that.

It did work but its not very functional as I have two external HDD that I connect to the HUB also as there are movies on there too.

Oh well.

Hi, I will try resetting HUB see if that resolves matters but for now I have just stopped looking at ALL local storage as suggested in another reply below.

Thanks for your help

if you only see it once when selecting internal drive only but duplicated when selecting all internal drives[which includes external USB drives] it sounds like you have the movie twice. once on the internal drive and once on one of the USB drives.

Try checking the internal drive from your PC, then plug the USB drives into your PC directly and see if the same movie is there.