2 New Themes (W.I.P) "WD Smart©" and "Smart©X"

Hello to everyone, hope you are all doing well? Well since the last firmware update, I have taken my WDTV LiveHub out the cupboard and to my amazement that I really have no problems with the unit! WHOOOOOHAY! I am however very sorry to hear that people are still having problems. The ONLY glitch (Lets say) I have found is that folder thumbs are still a little pixelated, but apart from that (as this goes to type) nothing…

So anyways, with this in mind I have been working on 2 new themes, 1st “WD Smart©”, as it states very Smart and simple…

Here are a few picks, oh its more designed to be basic and allow people to use there own pictures as background etc…

Home screen:

Smart© 01.jpg

and another with different background…

Smart© 08.jpg

List View for Videos and music…

Smart© 02.jpg

Smart© 03.jpg

Smart© 05.jpg

Smart© 09.jpg

The Music Playback…

Smart© 07.jpg

Smart© 04.jpg

The 2nd is “Smart©X” and is basically as much as I can get close to an Apple TV Look-alike… Here are a few pictures…

Smart©X 01.jpg

Smart©X 02.jpg

Smart©X 03.jpg

Smart©X 04.jpg

Smart©X 05.jpg

Smart©X 06.jpg

Smart©X 07.jpg

Smart©X 08.jpg

Smart©X 09.jpg

Well, there you have it so far, just to let you know these are actual screen shots taken form the WD… 

Oh and one thing I found, WHY OH WHY favorites…This is something I found useless to me, so I just exchanged the icons and transformed to an “HD” icon so I can list all my “HD” movies that way just like the ATV…

Please let me know what you think, and I will keep you updated with any further updates…

Would be nice to hear from you all…

Many kind regards



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These look very interesting and I would love to try your new themes.  Where is the code posted for download?



the home screen of the first one looks like i expect windows 8 to look. nice idea!

@ Richie

Looks nice and clean … love the reflections how did you discover  that ? :wink:

This Theme looks ideally suited for a Touchscreen, In Car Touchscreen or a small TV … Judging by the Size of everything…

Anyways, good work… always nice for people to have a choice :smiley:

BTW:  Which Firmware is this developed for ?  might be an idea to post a little’bit’more info for people … to avert the flood of questions.

looks very nice and ultra simple, do want

lol@Joey… Well whomever discovered the reflections code is a PURE GENIUS!!!:wink:

For firmware 3.05.10…

Still a work in progress… After this week I have a 2 week break from work so a lot more can be done to get a beta photographer…

Just one thing I wanted to say though… I must thank, and I MEAN THANK all the extremely talented people that work on themes, that help us all is so many ways. I THANK YOU VERY MUCH:wink::smiley:

They are amazing people that help us all here, so my hat goes off to you all…

Thanks for the fed back… Working on another view “Large Video” view this evening… And of course I will let you know how that all goes!

Hi Richie,

looks very cool, the themes are getting better and better…and i don’t know whitch one i use :smiley:



Richie, nice job on the UI and I love hearing that it will work on the 3x FW.

Last week I played around with an Apple TV that I bought my mother (who is stuck in th apple ecosystem) and “Smart©X” looks extremely similar to their new interface. As that was what you were going for, you nailed it perfectly. Nice job, clean and simple.

Thanks for all the hard work and I am looking forward to trying your themes out when they are ready.


Hello, and thank you. Yes I am trying to achieve the apple tv look with “Smart©X”. Don’t get me wrong I love Apple Products, I have mostly Mac, 3 Apple TV’S myself, but as you put, very restricted, My collection of DVD’s and Blu-Rays is just getting bigger and bigger, you can’t down load 1080p Movies from iTunes here in the UK, and I am not paying the price that Apple ask even if you could, not considering the quality difference…amongst other things… That’s why I love the idea of the WDTV Livhub so much, it just took sometime to get what I would call a more stable firmware, and it seems to be getting there! and now that gives me more opportunity to design a theme (not only for myself) but for others to use, and you don’t need to worry about movie sheets etc. Just back to simplicity! So many thanks for your comments they mean a lot that others sre so interested…and you never know I may be asking others for help as well, because there are so many talented people here and so many people that have helped already!


I like it, I like the main menu, i was toying around with that idea myself after getting my xbox :slight_smile:

Very interesting theme. Good Job!!!

Brilliant theme Richie, I really like the look a lot. I’ve never actually used an apple TV before but this looks awesome.

Just wondering would you consider putting in a wall mode similar to this:



This is the Large Video View - Or maybe the “Wall View”


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Smart©X 10.jpg

Smart©X 11.jpg

Smart©X 12.jpg

Smart©X 13.jpg

This is the “Large Video View” - or the “The Wall View”  or the “Movie Shelf View” - lol

many kind regards…



Great Work - I love the Apple TV look alike !!

I will check out your fist theme (smart), I am creating my own windows 8 theme and perhaps I get some nice ideas from your homescreen xml files.

And I love the artistic work, looks great.

@ Richie

Looks nice and clean - I will test ist. Where are the downloadlinks…

No download links available yet, as not all finished to beta standard… However wont be long and will soon have a ready beta for you all!


Richie wrote:


Smart©X 04.jpg



Well, there you have it so far, just to let you know these are actual screen shots taken form the WD… 

Oh and one thing I found, WHY OH WHY favorites…This is something I found useless to me, so I just exchanged the icons and transformed to an “HD” icon so I can list all my “HD” movies that way just like the ATV…


That part would really interest me if you care to explain it to me.

I have spent a lot of time on displaying a HD indicator and couldn’t get it to work unless the file was acually playing.

Do i understand this right?.. you have replaced the heart from the favorites with an HD symbol and need to manually mark each HD movie? (and yes favorites are useles, i know which one my favorite movies are :smiley:)


From what Richie wrote, to my understanding … he replaced the ‘Heart’ with the HD Icon which requires you to manually select it as a ‘Favourite’ and then the HD symbol will appear.

However, if your clear your Media Library you will lose all of it, and have to start over. (this includes star ratings as well)