2 New Issues

Hi Guys

I have two issues with the HUb currently.

  1. The media library appears to randomize the movie database. I have the last (alphabetically) film in first place on the running order and various out of alpha sequence movies dotted along the supposed alpha sequence. “I” next to a “B” film etc.

  2. The HDMI 8 bit will not change over to a 12 bit output. I have a brand new 50" Sharp aquos so this should not be a problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.


The issue with the HDMI is an old situation with the WD TV.

For the first issue, have you tried sorting by something else, then going back to the alphabetical and making sure the arrow faces upwards?

cuernudo wrote:

The issue with the HDMI is an old situation with the WD TV.

Wow, there’s a helpful post…

  1.  This will happen in Gallery View if you have XML files stored on your disk but are *NOT* using the “My Media Library” view, or have Media Library enabled.

In that case, the WD will SORT files by FILENAME, but will DISPLAY them by “TITLE” as defined in the XML.

  1.  What do you mean it won’t change over?   The menu item doesn’t appear?   Or, when you select it, nothing happens?

When I recently reverted my firmware to 3.00.28, I had to drop to firmware 2.08.13 first.   I noticed in the 2.08.13 settings there is a 12/8 bit setting under video which appears to have been removed (or auto-detected) in the 3.x firmwares.  

I changed it to 12 in 2.08.13.   I wonder if these settings might ‘stick’ across releases and reverting, setting to 12, and then re-upgrading might fix this issue.

I never had a problem with my set, as it was always detected as 12.