2 network drives "my book live"

I bought 2 network drives “my book live” because the downloads were way too slow on the other end so I purchased another for the other location… IS there a way to sync them both together so I can have the same documents on both and I can retrieve the files faster on both ends?

You can access the my book live remotely, but I don’t know of any program that you can use to sync them. 


well, if downloads were slow, it’s because it depends on your internet connection, nothing to do with MBL. I have 12mpbs downloads and 4 for uploads. If you were to stream/download a file from me, you would be using the 4mpbs upload speed.
Which is the speed for me to send/uploadu the file.

Anyhow, if you have some basic Linux knowledge you can try “rsync”. However, still dependent of the internet uploads speeds