2 mycloud : the second one for mirror(Raid1)


I have the possibility to buy 2 MyCloud 2to for cheap,
My need to is to make a Raid1(mirror)

Does WD sofwware allow it inhouse ?
Do I need to install debian+OpenMediaVault ? does OMV allow it ?
What would be the mecanisum ? 1st MyCloud as master and second as just a disk ?

Many thanks in advance for you advice

Don’t think you can mirror (as in officially setup a RAID1) two separate single bay My Clouds. What CAN do is configure one My Cloud to backup to a second My Cloud on the same local network. Depending on which firmware version the My Cloud’s come with you use either Safepoint (on v4.x firmware) or Backup (on v2.x firmware).

See the My Cloud User Manual (http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/?id=439&type=25) for more information on how to backup one My Cloud to another.

There may be unofficial ways using Rsync to set up a fake mirroring system between two My Clouds but that will most likely involve using SSH and creating or editing files and services within the My Cloud firmware/OS.


Thank you for the information then I will first use the mycloud adhoc : I have bought 2 Mycloud 2To

And after saving all family and movie picture It’s ongoing to make a safetypoint on the 2nd MyCloud

For copying I plugged directly to my pc’s RJ45 (about 45 Mo/s) because it was to slow directly into the ISP Box (about 6 Mo/s)
MyCloud – RJ45 —< PC >-- WiFi – ISP BOX – Internet
nb : I also set static IP for both Mycloud and I did not make a bridge jonction between RJ45 – WifFi a possibility into Win7 and 8 if you check share internet connexion

But for the safepoint I have to plug both in the ISP box and it’ about 7 Mo/s
< PC >-- WiFi – ISP BOX – Internet
…|— MyCloud1
…|— MyCloud2

anyway I have time it will copy all the night ,I will investigate this network bandwith later coming certainly from mycloud and from ISP box