2 MyBooks Daisy Chained - The One In The Middle Dies.... (Thinks but No Blinks)

I bought a 500gb MyBook and loved it when connected to my MacBook Pro laptop.

So I went and bought a 2tb MyBook and daisy chained it through the 500gb MyBook.

My 500gb started running REALLY slow after about 2 years of steady service and nearly no restarts or disconnection from the MacBook Pro so I figured it was about time to restart it.  I felt the housing and it was pretty warm so I figured it was probably overheating and thusly running slowly.

I ejected the disc properly and then hit the power button.  The light stayed on and the disk was clearly still running.  I felt the housing and it was still the same temperature.

After about 30 minutes of waiting for it to turn off I decided a hard restart was probably needed so I unplugged the unit and let it cool for a while.  When I plugged it back in the light didn’t come on but the disc was endlessly spinning and “thinking”.

What was crazy to me was that fthe 2TB MyBook was showing up as an available disc on my MacBook, but the 500GB MyBook was not.   This means that the end of the daisy chain was there, but the middle man (500GB) was not?!?!

It doesn’t show up in WD Disc Manager or anywhere.  All it does is “think” and not “blink”.

Connect the drive to the Mac directly and run first aid

the partition got corrupted when the drive was unplugged