2 MyBookLive on WIFI but WD2go only sees 1

I have 2 MyBookLive NAS drives on my network.  WD2go automatically connected to one but does not see the other.  It says I can manually connect but I can’t find where to get a code it requires.  How do I check the version of s/w on the MyBookLive and how do I upgrade it if too old?  The drive it saw is 4 months old, the one it doesn’t see if over a year old.

All explained in the manual.

Maybe I’m getting too old to appreciate the sarcasm in this response.  After having read pieces of the MyBookLive online manual, and all of the TOC and Index, I didn’t expect an Honored Contributor to be so flip in his “help.”  If anyone else can point me to a solution, I would appreciate your help.

Sarcasm?   Hardly.   

The answers to your questions are so prominently featured in the manual you couldn’t have possibly missed them if you’d even tried.

I could only have assumed you never took the effort to look, didn’t know a manual existed, or whatever.  

Instructions for checking the firmware version are in the user manual on page 62.