2 MyBookLive devices 1 Android app - no access to remote device

I have 2 identical 3TB MyBookLive devices; one local and one remote.

I want to access them both from my wd2go app. Is this possible?

I have created access codes for both of them but when I open the App I am directed straight to the local device (this was connected via manual connect). No connect is possible for the remote device.

Do I need to transport my Android device to the remote device and make a manual connect before both devices are displayed on the App?

PS I do have remote access to both devices via wd2go.com.

If you’re connecting to the “local” device, meaning the one that’s on the same network as your android device, then you don’t need an activation code at all because your device will discover the MBL and show it on the list.

If you’re trying to connect to a device that’s located elsewhere, then you need the activation code from that device, and enter the code manually on the portable device by Selecting “Add Manually,” then select the device type, then enter the activation code.