2 my books one back up one external hard drive

I just bought 2 my books in a matter of 2 days they are the same kind 1 tb my book. i already set one up as a back up and when i plugged in the other one and it goes to the wd smartware not the first start up screen to make it a back up or a hard drive. how can i do this so i can have the second one as an external hd for my itunes.

first , if both drive are the same model, connect one at a time and change the names so that they have different names.

Then connect the itunes drive alone, if you don’t want the smartware VCD then go to this link to remove it http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/updates/?family=wdsmartwareutilities

put your music on it, then change Itunes preferences and assign the drive as destination for the music.

then of course you should be able to set one for backup and the other for your itunes

i have  done that and they have different names. i tried to format the itunes one and my computer says its unformatable.

you need to format the my book not the smartware