2 MBL Same Network - External FTP

I have 2 MBL on my network at home, what i would like to know is how can i set it up so i can ftp into both when im away from home. 

The first one works perfect i can ftp into that one and download/upload files to it. 

The second one i changed the ftp port on to 33 and forwarded the port on the router to my 2nd MBL and all i get is: 

Status:Server sent passive reply with unroutable address. Using server address instead.

and rejects the connection to the MBL, using the internal ip address of the MBL works okay. 

Any ideas?


As a recommendation, you can try to set the drives with an static IP and change the name on the MBL that is not working.

Sounds like your router doesn’t support FTP ALG  (Application Layer Gateway.)

In FTP, a router that supports ALG will adjust the FTP server’s responses to include the EXTERNAL IP address.

The error you’re getting is because the MBL is responding with its INTERNAL address which, of course, is not routeable.

So I’m guessing that either you’ve done something different on your first MBL, or your router only supports FTP ALG on port 20.

An option is to disable passive FTP within the VSFTP configuration.