2 in 1 HDD that is mixture of SSD & conventional drives mechanism

As large SSDs are expensive for PC users (especially large ones), I think there should be a 2in1 type of HDD.

For example in addition to normal mechanical architecture, there can be a 40GB SSD module embedded into it. This will help in getting faster boot-up / loading times (using SSD) as well as large capacity for storage (using conventional HDD).

  • When these drives are installed there will be two physical partitions for user, one SSD & one HDD.
  • It can be called DDD or DD Duo (Disk Drive Duo).
  • The issues that will be important are cable interface & what if one of these malfunctions?

Check out Silverstone’s HDDBoost:


Also, the Z68 chipset now supports SSD caching:


And, I believe Seagate’s Momentus XT already does exactly what you’ve described

(but, I don’t know if it’s OK to mention Seagate products here;  Moderator, please advise):


Hope this helps.


What WD HDD is the best one to use with the Silverstone’s HDDBoost? RED drives? BLACK drives? GREEN drives? WD VelociRaptor?

I’m going to be useing a Corsair Force 120GB SSD