2 important problems with SmartWare :

Good morning everyone.

First, I apologize for my english which will appear as “bad” because I am french. I will do the best to be undersantable.

Then, I would like to precise that I have been searching an answer for days, and weeks before posting here. Here’s my problem (so annoying that I today regret to have bought my WD hard drive).

I have a MyPassport Essential SE (for both PC / Mac) - the black one!

On the first launch, I deleted all the original files WD so I can’t use SmartWare anymore.

But, I would like to be able to use my hard drive both on pc and Mac (because I have one of each) and use the backup software only on Mac.

I formated my drive in FAT32, because it’s a format working for pc/mac at the same time (I read it around here). But now, when I try to install Smartware with the image dmg I found in the download section, it says that there is no inscriptible partition plugged.

I tried to format it to every format purposed in Disk Utility, but at the best my drive can be used but impossible for it to be detected by smartware.

First, I need a working way of recovering files on the drive (like if I plugged it for the first time),

If both are impossible, I want it functionnal for mac.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope I will find a solution here.

Nobody can help me?


como tu va?

Heres is how to do it the correct way just make sure you follow the instructions correctly


Excuse my french

Thank you very much. No problem with your french it’s always nice to see someone trying to adapt - thank you!

I’ll see the processes on the link you gave me and I will feedback if it’s working or not.

Have a nice day!

no problem let me know how it works out