2 HD (WD2002FAEX-007BAO + WD2001FASS-00W2B0) too much noise?

Firstly i bought one month ago the WD2001FASS-00W2B0 64mb sata3. Connected to my mobo Asus P6X58D-E on the sata1 (ICH10) with I7 980x. Installed W7 ultimate 64bit and formatted during installation by DVD with Intel Raid driver (latest version). - Everything gone well - . Configured the system with all stuff and then updated the O.S. until the latest SP1. From now on got some problem (?)… the HD each time i boot up the sistem takes a lot of time to log me on W7, generating a strong noise that I could not imagine… So I downloaded the WD Data lifeguard to test the hd… but all test has been passed. So I downloaded other software to check the write/read velocity (christal bench) and results are normal. The range start from 125/MB to 90-80/MB/s… I think is ok… but I can hear noise (the hd working) also with my chassis completed closed. Thinking the hd was not perfect, i bought the WD2002FAEX-007BAO 64mb sata6 and with jumper set on 5-6pin i attached it on the sata2 (ICH10). Same operations as described before… the system is well-perfect configurated with latest drivers fot all stuff. But… got same problem!!! Again … also this new one hd generate a strong noise and i don’t know if is it normal for these new generation of hd of 2 terabytes or… i’m very unlucky!!! Made all checks with diagnostic softwares but results are OK!! Anyone can help me to understand how to solve out this problem or… if this is a problem??

Hi there!!!

Since you mention that this started to happen after the SP1 update… Why not checking if the issue is the update itself?

SP1 has historically been a headache on Windows…