2 G-RAID 16 TB USB removable drives Failed on DAY 1

Hi There,
I recently purchased 2 G-RAID 16 TB USB drives from B&H. Once I reformatted on my PC (windows10). No matter I use NTSF or exFAT, its G logo in front of the enclosure become Red color and its stop working at all. Sometimes the G logo turn red while formatting, sometime it works like a few minutes after I reformat it and try to copy something into the drive and its turn Red in the middle of the copy. is it the drive failed ? or the enclosure broken? or the Cable broken? I have try to change it from RAID 0 to RAID 1 to see which drive has failed, but instead of red light pop up 1 or 4 times every sec, its still constantly turn Red color.

Open the front panel and eject the drives and slide them back in. It is possible they aren’t flush with the controller backplane and it is disrupting the connection.

If you do that and it is still giving you the same issue then we would recommend exchanging the drive with B&H

I have tried and 1 thing I noticed is. when the logo G become red. I open the front plate and I see both drive is still have green lights on. Does this mean the drives are not fail but the cable or enclosure ?

It would mean the enclosure or RAID controller itself could be faulty.