2 eathernet portsdoes it matter?

So, the my cloud EX 4 has 2 ethernet ports on the rear.  Does having both connectd make data transfer faster, or does it not matter?  About to go out and pick up the 24TB model, and giving the old 1 to my sister, so just want to know if having the 2 ports will make moving my files faster.  Thanks.


This drive has not been designed to use both ports at the same time. having both ports in use will not cause any difference.

Seriously? It has options in the network settings for using both; I have it set as round robin, and I’m pretty sure that across two PCs I can access faster than just one gigabit port would…

Speaking of transfer speeds. What gigabit eathernet swiches are most having success with fast transfer speeds? I saw a DLink that claimed to get 1000MV per second, but I would seriously have to see that one to believe it.lol